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How convenient is rafting and kayaking on the Soca River?

How convenient is rafting and kayaking on the Soca River?

It’s great to take some spontaneous decisions in the course of your vacations, but there are some things that you should plan. If you find yourself in the beautiful Soca Valley and want to take a raft or kayak down the river, is it a good idea to just go for it without planning? Well, that depends – in the time of high season, various providers of tourist services and activities tend to be quite busy, while you can easily find a wide range of services in other months of the year.

Mostly the providers offer very comprehensive packages for Soča rafting and Soca River kayaking. This means you can rely on them to organize the whole experience, you just have to show up. Especially Soča rafting, which is usually a group activity, is well organized and offers everything you can expect from this activity. Soca River kayaking is of course organized in different packages of group tours as well, but is also frequently more of an individual enterprise, especially for more experienced adventurists.

Complete offer of Soča rafting or kayaking includes bus transfer from one of the popular towns along the river shores to the chosen entry spot, rent of all the necessary equipment and storage of your clothes and other property, safety instructions and quick course in rafting or kayaking, then a guided tour of the river and various activities along the way. Finally, Soca River kayaking or rafting concludes with exiting the river and finding your clothes already waiting for you, along with the ride back to the starting point.

Complete packages are really convenient and a great choice for those of you that don’t intend to sweat about the details. Just go for it, you’ll get an amazing experience out of it!