Advanced protection for advanced boats

Speed boats suffer the most from biofouling of the hull. They depend heavily on the hydrodynamic properties of the hull, so every structural change is detrimental to the performance of the boat. If you want to reach top speeds and enjoy optimal maneuverability, you’ll have to take good care of your boat.

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Speed boat antifouling

Antifouling should definitely be on your mind. Biofouling on the hull is a nuisance in any case, even if you’re not out to get speed records. Think about fuel efficiency and handling, for example. If you’re not prepared to invest your time and money into antifouling, consider opting for simple antifouling systems that work on autopilot. Such as sonic antifouling, which is also extremely effective measure to prevent hull fouling.

Sonic antifouling is the best possible antifouling measure for any speed boat owner. The alternative is using antifouling paints and coatings, which are not really suitable for speed boats – they are either abrasive and get eroded away with time, or they stick to the hull and change the hydrodynamic properties of the boat as well. Coatings also have to be reapplied regularly and don’t offer the protection expected by the demanding speed boat owners. That’s why sonic antifouling is a better choice – advanced technology can preserve the flawless surface of the hull, while still being very effective against biofouling. The best combination of features for speed boat antifouling! But there are even more advantages to electronic antifouling compared to coatings. It’s environmentally friendly, for starters, not releasing toxic materials into the water. It’s also long lasting, doesn’t need special maintenance, it doesn’t even cost anything in the long run! The best speed boat antifouling is modern sonic antifouling, combined with special coating for the best speed boat performance.


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